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by Rachel on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Blueberry
And I use the flavors in...: Coffee, tea and water

I have searched for almost 2 full years to find something the equivalent of dunkin Donuts blueberry flavor. Nothing was even close to compare. After reading the reviews I decided to give this company a shot, but a little skeptical. I am beyond pleased with the product!! It's an EXACT match!! I offered to buy the bottles from multiple dunkin Donuts but no one would sell it to me. 😔 so glad I found this product!!! I Will DEFINITELY be a regular customer to this company for all my flavor needs!! Thank you thank you thank you for a FANTASTIC product!!

by Ben on Flavor Essence
Best way to make flavored seltzers!
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Coconut, Lemon, Strawberry, Peach, Pineapple
And I use the flavors in...: Seltzer

Just wow, if you're looking for additives to make flavored seltzer from your sodastream or homebrew carbonation setup - stop looking and choose these. I'm blown away by how awesome these are, exactly what I wanted. Sodastream's brand of flavorings have an awful "syrupy" taste that spoils the drink, and all the others include sugar or a sweetener that is simply not needed. I use ~15 drops in about 900mL of unflavored seltzer carbonated to ~4bar pressure (so ~30 Oz and 60psi), usually split across 2-3 flavors. Peach/pinapple makes a great combination, as does the Coconut and a splash of lime juice (though if they came out with a lime flavor I'd probably buy that too).

Make a Mango flavor next please 🙂

by Sydney from Mass. on Flavor Essence
Great company all around
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Toasted almond, Caramel......just ordered coconut and dark chocolate too
And I use the flavors in...: iced coffee
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: Will try the fruit flavor and the pindapple in seltzer

I ordered and tried 3 brands from Amazon when I decided to try unsweetened flavor shots. Of the 3 I tried.....this company's were the very best! The flavor are true......and you don't need a lot to get great taste. But above and beyond the quality of the product, the owner writes a thank you note with every order! And sends information about combinations and ideas to use the flavors. A personalized thank you is going above and beyond....and I really appreciate it!

by May (MA) on Flavor Essence
can't live without these
The flavors that I have used so far are...: I've tried all of them!
And I use the flavors in...: coffee, tea, crio bru, seltzer, smoothie bowls, homemade protein powder, baked goods, tempeh sausages (the bacon one)
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: try the caramel creme brulee in coffee!

I have a flavor extract habit!! These are fantastic. My favorites are the caramel, coconut, banana, cherry, and raspberry.

I wish you'd make coffee and hazelnut flavors! And maybe butter?

by Jacquie from Maine on Flavor Essence
Simply Wonderful
The flavors that I have used so far are...: French Vanilla Creme
And I use the flavors in...: Sparkling and seltzer water

I was looking for a new way to enjoy vanilla water as my usual brand changed their recipe (at least my tastebuds think they did). I put 14 drops into 24 oz of unflavored seltzer and it was fabulous. I’m now shopping for new flavors. I love the personal note enclosed in the order, such a sweet gesture.