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Flavor Essence
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 27 reviews
by Sydney from CA on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Banana Foster, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Dragonfruit, Tangerine, Pineapple, Ginger, Lemon, Cinnamon, Mint, Pistachio Nut, Toasted Almonds...
And I use the flavors in: Sparkling water
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: 4 drops Tangerine + 4 Drops French Vanilla Creme = 50/50 bar flavor! 🙂

These flavors are just what my partner and I were looking for -- something to help us replace canned flavored sparkling water with a SodaStream. We were having trouble finding flavors that weren't artificially sweetened before we found Flavor Essence. We're having a great time mixing flavors to find new favorites! We really appreciated the helpful directions, tips, and tricks, as well as the handwritten notes. It's great to know that we are supporting a great company! Thank you so much! 🙂

by T on Flavor Essence
absolutely fabulous
The flavors that I have used so far are: rich dark chocolate
And I use the flavors in: water

I drink 64 oz plus of water a day. these flavorings are great for changing the boring taste of the water. the rich dark chocolate flavor is like drinking my favorite ice cream. would highly recommend these to anyone

by Alicia M on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Custard Creme
And I use the flavors in: Coffee

Just received my order and all of the flavors taste very good! Placed an order for the Blueberry and ended up trying the Custard Creme in my coffee first! An even better aspect to the great flavors is the customer service! I literally said “awww” out loud when there was a hand written note to my carrier to not leave the package in the lobby and a hand written thank you with usage tips in the box. What a class act company! Will definitely order some of the other flavors and will be sure to share the company name with others! Thank you for making my day.

by Laura (from New Mexico) on Flavor Essence
Caramel Creme Brulee Heaven
The flavors that I have used so far are: Caramel Creme Brulee / Milk Chocolate
And I use the flavors in: COFFEE!!!!

I usually use Creme Brulee flavored creamer for my coffee, but it was SO expensive and filled with tons of sugar, so I decided to make my own. I found this flavoring, and LOVE it! It tastes BETTER than store bought and now I can make my coffee creamer with half the calories. The customer service is amazing, and they always send notes with tips and tricks to use the flavorings. The 2nd time I ordered, I got a note from Mick that said, "You guys are back!" and how they hope I enjoy the new flavor I bought. It was really cool. Thanks guys! Can't wait to try your many other flavorings in cakes and other things I bake.

by MamaT from Pennsylvania on Flavor Essence
Better than Dunkin
The flavors that I have used so far are: toasted almond, creme brulee, coconut, strawbery, lemon
And I use the flavors in: coffee and soda water
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: two or 3 drops toasted almond in your hot or cold coffee is heaven

So I found this great product googling how to replicate my addition which is dunkin donut coffee with their unsweetened almond flavor. This popped up, I tried it and it is heaven. I use the almond with the caramel creme brulee in my coffee hot or iced. Saves me about $3.00 per day by avoiding my Dunkin Run. I use the coconut to make pina coladas, saving calories by not using the high fat and sugar coconut mixers. I use strawberry and lemon with my plain non fat greek yogurt, to make smoothies. this product is awesome. I am so glad I stumbled upon it. Bought my first bottles off amazon, but now I just come straight to this site. I feel better putting my money direct to the business owner. I give samples out to friends too! Thanks

by Julie from CO on Flavor Essence
Never going back to cans
The flavors that I have used so far are: Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry (Jam Style)
And I use the flavors in: Soda Stream

I am so excited about finding these flavor essences! I recently purchased a Soda Stream, because we always drink sparkling water, but we're trying to cut down on our waste and save a little money in the process. These flavors make it more of a privilege than an alternative. SOOOOO beyond what I was hoping for! The Raspberry Jam Style is my favorite!!!! No sugar, but it tastes just like jam. Thank you, Mick and Co. for doing what you're doing! I am going to recommend this to everyone I know that also drinks sparkling water in excess. I have a diabetic family friend who is already intrigued!

by Anita from Oregon on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Coconut, Strawberry, Peach, Black Cherry
And I use the flavors in: sparkling water, shave ice

This is our second purchase, the first being off Amazon a year back. Happy to be ordering direct instead. We originally bought a few flavors to use in our little shave ice machine in the summers. I just received my 10-pack, since we've discovered how easy it is to use them to flavor our sparkling water. The bonus is less waste (cans and plastic bottles) since we purchased a home carbonating contraption 🙂

by Katie from Florida on Flavor Essence
Absolutely in Love
The flavors that I have used so far are: Lemon, Peach, Mango, Raspberry, Blueberry
And I use the flavors in: SodaStream Sparkling Water
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: Trust the directions, start with a drop or two and add more as preferred!

I randomly came across this company in my online search for sparkling water flavorings, and am I ever so glad that they came across my path. I had made a decision to switch to a SodaStream and make my own flavored sparkling water, the only issue was was finding flavorings to use. Almost everything had terrible reviews or was sweetened, and I am far too lazy to bother making my own reductions or something from scratch. This company and their product 100% fit the bill, and I decided to give them a try. They are so delicious, taste so natural, and they do not lie when a little goes a long way. So I won’t be running out after only a week or two of daily use. They have got every single checkbox with these flavorings, and they have gained another loyal customer. If they ever make a lime/key lime flavor, you better believe I will all over that!

by Nicole NY on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Coconut, Cherry, Mango, Pistachio, Custard Creme
And I use the flavors in: Seltzer, Alcoholic Beverages, Tea/Coffee

These are just lovely - especially the fruit flavors I've tried so far. The cherry and mango are incredibly realistic, and not just that; they capture the best cherry and the best mango you've ever had. Pistachio is delightful and I cannot wait to bake with it. Custard Creme re-creates a cream soda without the sweet and I love to add it to seltzer. I appreciated the loving way in which these were wrapped and packaged, complete with a pamphlet describing all of the flavor profiles and recommended usages. At this moment I'm drinking a mango/coconut/rum/stevia cocktail! Trust me, these are even better than what you even expected.

by Kari NC on Flavor Essence
Very Happy
The flavors that I have used so far are: Coconut, Black Cherry, Pineapple
And I use the flavors in: Soda Stream Water
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: I put fresh lime in with the coconut.

I love my soda stream but was disappointed with the lack of flavors they offer. I'm so glad I found Flavor Essence. I am VERY HAPPY with the products I've tried. I don't have to put much in to get the water flavor I want and there is no after taste. It's very natural. I plan to try to other flavors. I highly recommend Flavor Essence.

by Joyous Mint from Alabama on Flavor Essence
Dear Goddess this smells good!!
The flavors that I have used so far are: Peach, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, French Vanilla, Maple, Cinnamon, Black Cherry, Custard Creme, Toasted Almond,
And I use the flavors in: Soaps, cosmetics, body wash, shampoo, etc

I am beyond words here. This smells like walking thru a peach orchard as a small child...not a care in this world or any other. A peach orchard, in late summer, just in time for harvest. At dusk, just as the sun turns that perfect orange gold that reflects purpley off the clouds. As a child, walking thru a peach orchard with your loving parents. Just as every peach the universe will ever know blossoms into full joyous ripefullness before your nose. The angels would sing, but even they know that they have nothing to add to this.

This is amazing. This from someone who has practically formed a religion out of savoring the delights of mind body and spirit that our creator has blessed us with the ability to know, from the joy of hard work to the delights of hard play... I am stunned. I've experienced things you people can never dream of. I've stood on the back deck of a blinker bound for the Plutition Camps with sweat in my eyes watching stars fighting near the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. I've experienced things beyond a thousand languages to ever describe. And this is and will ever remain a prize among my prizes, a jewel among jewels. There are moments in this life I will cherish always. Opening this and smelling it for the first time will always be among them.

I am known for being extra at times, but I am not now. This smells you always imagined your first kiss would be. Smells like having that kiss on the last day of school with the boy or girl you've had a crush on forever. It smells like Joy. It smells like a mother's love, like it should/could be, like we all thought it was when we were young. That sense that you personally and specifically are loved without reservation, chosen from so many others to alone be loved. It smells like the most peachy moment of the most peachy day of your life, when trouble wasn't even a word you knew and the future was nothing but blazing endless elemental potential. It smells like the boundless love and peaceful contentment that every religion tries to sell but always falls short on. It smells like a home you didn't know you longed for. It smells like your honeymoon night, spent consummating your marriage to the mother/father of all creation, locked in the most perfect timeless feedback loop of pure living love, joys taken from joys given, while the world drops away forever to nothing. Yes, making love to the universe smells like a fresh ripe peach. Trust me. I've seen a thing or two.

So yea, you could say it smells okay I guess ⭐❤️♾

by JoJoVermont on Flavor Essence
Love Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Pineapple, coconut, raspberry, black cherry,
And I use the flavors in: Soda Stream Water
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: I love Pineapple and Coconut muxed together

I love these flavorings and use them in place of Soda Stream flavors. They taste much more natural. I just reordered my two favorite flavors, Pineapple and Coconut. I also like the coconut with fresh lime juice

by Lynda from NH on Flavor Essence
Grateful to have stumbled on to flavor essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Pineapple, coconut, raspberry + many more
And I use the flavors in: Sparkling water, coffee

I originally stumbled across Flavor Essence on a Sodastream subreddit. I’m so glad I did. Flavor Essence offers so many unique flavors in convenient squeeze bottles that allow you to control the amount of flavoring you add to the drop. I’m in seltzer heaven! The pineapple flavor is especially great. I would like to see a green apple in the future but I’m not sure how popular that would be but fingers crossed! I can’t wait to see what other flavors Mick comes up with in the future.

by AuntWoodie from VA on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Caramel creme brûlée, coconut, rich dark chocolate, peach, milk chocolate, black cherry, custard creme
And I use the flavors in: Yogurt, coffee, water

The customer service and the products are fantastic! I especially love the coconut in my plain yogurt! I like the caramel creme brûlée and both chocolates in water and (for a change) in coffee. I also use the caramel creme brûlée in plain yogurt sometimes.

I think it is really neat also that I get a little personal message with each order!

by Theresa Hookstown PA on Flavor Essence
Toasted Almond exact Dunkin matcch
The flavors that I have used so far are: toasted almond, caramel creme brulee, coconut, lemon, strawberry
And I use the flavors in: coffee, yogurt and seltzer water
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: A couple drops in plain non fat yogurt gives all the flavor and no sugars from fruits

a year or so ago I realized how much money I was spending at Dunkin Donut simplly because I loved the non sweet toasted almond flavor they have. So I started googling for an alternative and stumbled upon flavor essence through amazon. I prefer to order direct from the company, which I do now. The toasted almond is exactly the same as dunkin donuts. I'm in coffee heaven. I do the fruit flavors to add some pizazz to plain yogurt. I love this stuff

by Dulci from Arizona on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Peach
And I use the flavors in: water

I have been looking for unsweetened water flavorings for years. Plain water is not appealing to me. I finally found you guys and so far am loving it. I am ordering Black Cherry today to try that. The peach is a bit like peach pie flavor to me, a little creamy tasting if that makes sense. I will try the Cherry and see how that is. Thank you for making flavorings with NO sweeteners. Why the heck do people need everything sweetened? Thank you.

by Rick Florida on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Mint, Lemon, Cinnamon, Pineapple, Black Cherry
And I use the flavors in: Sodastream seltzer

With none of the usual, cloying sweetness, these flavors hit their marks more precisely than any additives I've ever tasted. They will delightfully surprise your palate and olfactories. Three drops per 10-oz of water is plenty, so they will save you money relative to Sodastream's flavors.

by Rachel on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Blueberry
And I use the flavors in: Coffee, tea and water

I have searched for almost 2 full years to find something the equivalent of dunkin Donuts blueberry flavor. Nothing was even close to compare. After reading the reviews I decided to give this company a shot, but a little skeptical. I am beyond pleased with the product!! It's an EXACT match!! I offered to buy the bottles from multiple dunkin Donuts but no one would sell it to me. ? so glad I found this product!!! I Will DEFINITELY be a regular customer to this company for all my flavor needs!! Thank you thank you thank you for a FANTASTIC product!!

by Ben on Flavor Essence
Best way to make flavored seltzers!
The flavors that I have used so far are: Coconut, Lemon, Strawberry, Peach, Pineapple
And I use the flavors in: Seltzer

Just wow, if you're looking for additives to make flavored seltzer from your sodastream or homebrew carbonation setup - stop looking and choose these. I'm blown away by how awesome these are, exactly what I wanted. Sodastream's brand of flavorings have an awful "syrupy" taste that spoils the drink, and all the others include sugar or a sweetener that is simply not needed. I use ~15 drops in about 900mL of unflavored seltzer carbonated to ~4bar pressure (so ~30 Oz and 60psi), usually split across 2-3 flavors. Peach/pinapple makes a great combination, as does the Coconut and a splash of lime juice (though if they came out with a lime flavor I'd probably buy that too).

Make a Mango flavor next please 🙂

by Sydney from Mass. on Flavor Essence
Great company all around
The flavors that I have used so far are: Toasted almond, Caramel......just ordered coconut and dark chocolate too
And I use the flavors in: iced coffee
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: Will try the fruit flavor and the pindapple in seltzer

I ordered and tried 3 brands from Amazon when I decided to try unsweetened flavor shots. Of the 3 I tried.....this company's were the very best! The flavor are true......and you don't need a lot to get great taste. But above and beyond the quality of the product, the owner writes a thank you note with every order! And sends information about combinations and ideas to use the flavors. A personalized thank you is going above and beyond....and I really appreciate it!

by May (MA) on Flavor Essence
can't live without these
The flavors that I have used so far are: I've tried all of them!
And I use the flavors in: coffee, tea, crio bru, seltzer, smoothie bowls, homemade protein powder, baked goods, tempeh sausages (the bacon one)
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: try the caramel creme brulee in coffee!

I have a flavor extract habit!! These are fantastic. My favorites are the caramel, coconut, banana, cherry, and raspberry.

I wish you'd make coffee and hazelnut flavors! And maybe butter?

by Jacquie from Maine on Flavor Essence
Simply Wonderful
The flavors that I have used so far are: French Vanilla Creme
And I use the flavors in: Sparkling and seltzer water

I was looking for a new way to enjoy vanilla water as my usual brand changed their recipe (at least my tastebuds think they did). I put 14 drops into 24 oz of unflavored seltzer and it was fabulous. I’m now shopping for new flavors. I love the personal note enclosed in the order, such a sweet gesture.

by Ariel on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Many
And I use the flavors in: Coffee, water, tea

I LOVE the pineapple in my water and have tried so many other flavors, haven’t found one that I haven’t liked yet.

by Mimi on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Toasted Almonds, Caramel Creme Brulee
And I use the flavors in: A French Yule Log recipe
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: These adds fantastic flavor into butter cream frostings

This year I made a different version of my mother's Yule for 2 different dinner parties. In both my cake recipe was dark chocolate but for one Yule Log I accented the butter cream frosting with the Flavor Essence Toasted Almond and it beautifully accented flavor in the marzipan decorations.

The second Yule log was highlighted by using the F. Essence Caramel Crème Brulee (1 teaspoon) blended into the butter cream, got some OOOOs and Wows at dessert time with this one.

by Lindsay from NJ on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Peach, blueberry, strawberry, coconut, pineapple
And I use the flavors in: Herbal teas, water, baking, cooking...
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: Amazing iced teas by the gallon or the glass

Nothing else compares. These flavors are affordable, delicious, and free of junk and sweeteners. I have a pretty limited diet for medical reasons and Flavor Essence has saved me from boring meals and drinks. THANK YOU!

by susan (MA) on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: caramel creme brulee
And I use the flavors in: coffee

Found your product in a NH state liquor store. I was both thrilled and amazed. I'd just been telling my husband that I didn't want to buy Torani syrups for my coffee because they either have sugar or artificial sweeteners in them. I don't need my coffee sweet but I do like it flavored. Voila! Flavor Essences to the rescue. Can't wait to try the Raspberry and Rich Dark Chocolate combined in my coffee. I think it will be a perfect recreation of the limited edition Linzer Torte flavored coffee pods Nespresso sold last year. Right now I'm enjoying the Caramel Creme Brulee flavor every day in my morning cup, guilt and sugar free!

by CJ - FL on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Blueberry, Dark Choc, Mint Choc, Raspberry, Custard Creme, Bananas Foster
And I use the flavors in: Coffee, Smoothies, Baked Goods,
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: A little dab will do, try a little a first - add more as necessary. A great substitute for sugar in coffee and drinks.

Mick is a super guy to deal with at Flavor Essence. We have been consistently ordering since the inception of the company. I was looking for a blueberry flavor for mans coffee. My goal was to to make a flavored coffee that rivaled dunkin donuts blueberry. Flavor essence made this possible and more. I can't tell you what ingredients are in the flavors at coffee shops, but I know whats in my black coffee plus any of these essences. I've since given gift packs for Christmas and foodie friends. "Where did you find's great" is typical reply. You won't be disappointed with the quality, taste, and awesome customer care received from Flavor Essence.