Taste Notes

Unsweetened Natural Flavors — Just the Flavor 

Coconut –Perfumes of fresh-shaved coconut, and ripe-clean tasting, almost “meaty coconut” flavor.

As opposed to sweet, creamy or oily, our style of Coconut focusses on just the simple tropically fresh coconut meat as its primary personality trait, and then a second characteristic that gives you a piece of soft nuttiness in the finish. [To get gourmet level unsweetened Coconut into drinks is otherwise almost impossible and in food/baking this Coconut will prove to be very practical].

This Coconut might end up being one of the most versatile of all flavors –you can easily blend this into our other flavors, or “as-is” into a very large range of drinks and enhance your creative baking projects.

  Banana Foster –New Batch -Enhanced recipe– Ripened -up banana with complex aroma & taste nuances of buttery brown sugar and a touch of rum/vanilla without any type of sweetener.

In this new flavor recipe, we’ve finally pulled together the friendly, sweet, soft, ripe, perfumes and flavors you experience when a banana goes past the “green stage”, when its skin is speckled, peeling off so easily and tasting so plump and fruit-laden.

(The owner here is a banana lover, and this recipe went through the most work, re-work and tweaking until the aromas and taste could only be beaten by aging and peeling a banana, then sauteed over low heat with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and just a titch of rum).


  Black Cherry   -After a year of trials, taste testings and revisions, we finally have a true-to-form natural dark cherry that has plump-ripe perfumes and soft/chubby cherry flavors.

As one of the most-recently added flavorings, it might have proven to be the toughest of them all “to get it right”.
The goal was to give you something more real than ever, and to let you forget about syrups and candies. It’s about tasting the fruit you see once a year on the tree or in a good jar of preserves!

And yes it is unsweetened, natural and contains less than 2 calories per serving.

  Blueberry –Lively / clean aromas and flavor of true-to-form blueberry — showing off ripe fresh blueberry flavor only. The berry, in its perfume and flavor, has a dainty but ripened personality.

It is our best effort to giving you “the right blueberry flavor” and nothing else. Beyond its use in hot/iced coffees & teas, this does very well in smoothies as well as high-end vodka martinis.

  Raspberry (Jam-style) –Ripened raspberry with darker aromas & tastes of warm jam –it has the kind of perfumes and flavor of the berries when they are about to fall from the vine.

Compared to the pre-flavored raspberry that you’ve had before, this does not have that “ribbon candy” or “sweety-pie character” that artificial raspberry flavoring often exhibits.

Strawberry (Jam-Style) –Nice bouncy strawberry perfumes with the juicy taste of jammy strawberry.
Its “boisterous” personality ought to remind you of real, vine-softened, strawberries that stain your fingers from a local Pick-Your-Own farm (not the store-bought strawberries that are huge, look nice, but are shelf-ripened and almost tasteless).
This tasty Strawberry even has a small hint of some fresh earthiness from the little seeds.
  Peach (Late Harvest)- Sweet ripe perfumes of plump soft peaches with a dainty, never cloying, personality at the beginning and with its elegant finish.

The big attempt here was to capture that juicy style of peach that’s ready to fall off the tree… you know, when if you grab it too hard the sweet juicy peach bruises in your grip!

(And even beneath its “sweet style” and “personality”, there are no sweeteners in this one either!).

Try this is your next seltzer water for added freshness.

  Maple (Grade-A Style) -Rich earthy aromas, with very warm-clean maple body of flavor. The overall finish of this Maple is lush, yet elegantly soft.Like the other flavors, this small-batch flavor is completely without any sweeteners –add your own.  And it is a kind of exciting product for you to use, without that cloying artificial candy-ish taste or after-taste that is so disappointing in artificial products.

If you’ve ever visited a sugar shack in New England while Maple sap is being boiled and evaporated, the aromas/perfume of this Maple will remind you of the heady steam that fills the sugar shack on the first evaporation runs. This unique product has a flavor “personality” that deliciously tastes like the Grade-A samplings that visitors get to sip while the first vats of concentrated maple liquid are still warm.

1.9 Calories, 0 Sugars, 0 Carbs, 0 Sodium, 0 Total Fat, 0 Protein, Gluten Free, Vegan

Rich Dark Chocolate –Noticeable aromas of a warm deep dark almost pudding-style chocolate. Unlike dark cocoa or chocolate, this has the pleasantly deeper darker melted chocolate flavor without any bitterness.

This dark chocolate plays well when blended with the Toasted Almonds and Banana Foster.

The small-batch Rich Dark Chocolate is the perfect background flavoring when you want to add a clean-tasting darker chocolate background dimension to your beverages and your creative food recipes.

  Caramel Crème Brulee –Melted caramel and sweet cream custard aromas and flavors without any sugars (add your own). This has a dainty but seductively rich set of flavors.

It can nicely add complexity and pleasing background flavors to any coffee, oatmeal, chocolate chip recipe, muffin mix (and even exotic alcohol based drinks that contain Baileys, Kahlua or amaretto).

The Caramel Crème Brulee natural concentrate is kind of a secret item –because it is not an off-the-shelf flavor that is either simple to mimic or commonly found as an ingredient. Creative people, chefs and bartenders will find and get new pleasures from this “secret ingredient”.

  Custard Crème (Flan – Cannoli Style) Sweet creamy perfumes, rich, buttery & soft flavors.  It has a complex set of perfumes of freshly beaten brown sugar, vanilla bean, eggs and rich cream.

Custard Crème shows off layers of taste that are kind of like that spoonful of cookie dough or cannoli filling that you sniff and steal from the bowl when baking.
It is rich-tasting enough, that it might almost be able to act as a “creamer replacement.

This is our first flavor that almost deserves the term “voluptuous”. Even while this creamy flavor belongs in the same “family” as a good vanilla, this actually picks up where simple vanilla ends.

Creative foodees & health-conscious folks, bakers and bartenders will find/give new pleasures with this as a “go-to”secret ingredient.

  French Vanilla Crème –Very clean fresh vanilla with a sweet aroma and soft texture that brings about a creamy backdrop onto your palette.

This is different than ordinary vanilla because of its dainty perfumes and flavors that will accent your beverages and baking with some finesse and elegance.

In all applications this will provide a soft background flavor. In cookie mixes, French toast batters, bread doughs and cake mixes, the French Vanilla Creme differs from extracts in that it is a more mellow and integrated component that enriches the primary flavors as a subtle backdrop to your recipe.

  Toasted Almonds –Fresh nutty and sweet aromas of almonds –without any sugars. Darker roasted almond flavors in the body.

In our little batches of this, we finally now how make it come with some great almond nut-laden layers of flavor in the middle and a soft lingering finish.

What’s nice here is that it is a bit more forward than some of the other Flavor Essence flavorings, but what’s nice is that it still has a clean daintiness with no odd aftertastes.

The flavor is nicely amplified whenever you add your own sweeteners whenever you desire or whenever the beverage or food product has its own built-in sweetnesses going on.

  Pumpkin Spice [SEASONAL] – As a natural unsweetened rendition of Pumpkin Spice, this has a complex mixture of tasty things going on –with fresh and spicy nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger flavors.

Go a bit easy with this one, because it is tad more zippy than the other flavors –and will provide you with a zesty finish.

Beyond the season and beyond its very popular use in coffees & lattes, there are 3 extremely easy side-uses: stir a few drops into pancake/French Toast syrup, or you can stir a few drops into hot cider & bourbon/ or whisky, or stir some into rum & OJ.