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This is the flavor store where Flavor Essence gives you both creative and health control over how your favorite things taste.  These are very versatile unsweetened natural flavors for beverages, foods, baking, sauces, dressings, +. Often we are asked if these natural flavors contain any natural sweeteners (like stevia). No, they do not have any. Sweeteners are left up to you to apply any way that you decide. These small-batch bottlings of concentrates are just the flavor, with no additives. Nothing is done to make them “prettier” visually either. Because these are inherently stable and have no ingredients that encourage spoilage, no preservatives are needed.

Flavor Essence natural flavors are known “background” concentrates, because the strength and “personality” of each is designed to easily apply directly into beverages by “drops” or “squeezes”; and in baking – dessert projects these are easily applied by the teaspoon. (If you wanted a simple syrup, you can easily create them with these too).

Tasty fun begins when you experiment by applying any of our flavors into several different substances to see how they interact and change depending upon what you are blending them into. Then, once you “get to know” the different flavor personalities, you will advance into true creative freedom and can begin to customize your own blendings between 2 or 3 flavors.

Flavor Essence BACON -(Hickory Slab Style) Natural Flavoring

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We've been talking about Bacon in-house for a long time. It's a flavor with a house-filling aroma and a crunchy irresistible taste that is almost impossible to reproduce without just pulling out a pan and frying up a few mouth-watering slices. But who can do that everyday? Finally, finally! we have a batch of liquid natural bacon flavoring that is the essence of that earthy browned meat of slab-cut bacon, a touch of hickory and a suggestion of that tasty bit of fat --in both its aroma and taste. Yet, go ahead and see the ingredient list and analysis below. It's a Zero on everything that makes bacon tasty but unhealthy. Dieticians will say, "Yay! Finally!"

We tried very hard to keep the pricing exactly the same as all of our other flavors. But the truth is, to offer really good bacon, it costs us more than our blueberry or any other natural ingredients by a factor of more than two. So as it is, we're introducing the Bacon as our least profitable item, but we get to truthfully say --we didn't cut any corners in its flavor design, so that we could have the maximum "wow factor" and best bacon product out there!

Its taste character is subtle and "true", yet it will permeate as an elegant background into anything you want. It does not have the salt of fried up bacon (you can add you own and this will take to it nicely); and it is not further dressed-up with any maple (that you can add separately, with our Grade-A style Maple flavor).

Just to get your creative wheels turning, think of this as a secret background addition to your gravies, soups and salad dressings. It is excellent also when a touch is added into Bloody Marys and Gazpacho. And it permeates better than bacon bits into dips and mayonnaise. And of course when making egg dishes, it will quickly lend a gentle bacon background into scrambies and omelettes. For the creative folks who want to create their own Bacon / Chocolate concoctions, this 2 ounce bottle will become a key ingredient.

For vegans, yes this is vegan. But 🙂 this Bacon was designed to please the palate of a real meat-lover and bacon enthusiast/critic. We would like to challenge any customer to show us or tell us of another product that has a better bacon flavor personality than this one.

To prepare for our flavor design, we cooked up many different styles of bacon and even some expensive locally-smoked bacon from yogurt-fed stock that ends up in some of Boston's most selective restaurants. We also taste-tested many products that are "pre-flavored" with bacon --both artificially and naturally. During our own in-house kitchen tests of our natural bacon, the flavor came out too powerfully and we almost introduced this in a bottle that would let you "mist" it onto your eggs or salad dressings or into exotic mayonnaise creations. But that would only produce a "surface effect" without complete and desirable integration into our food and drink. So now, a full year after this pipe dream began, we are releasing (the first one that we know of) natural Bacon flavoring that is concentrated at easy-to-use levels to jazz up single serving beverages and small portion meals -- as well as an elegant "finishing" ingredient in pots of chili, stews and many other imaginative dishes.


Sodium 0
Protein 0
Carbohydrates 0
Sugar 0
Dietary Fiber 0
Trans Fat 0
Monosaturated Fat 0
Saturated Fat 0
Polyunsaturated Fat 0
Fat -Total 0
Cholesterol 0


Wheat (includes Triticum species & Triticale) 0
Egg and Egg Products 0
Fish 0
Milk and Milk Products 0
Peanut Products (oil, nut, etc) 0
Crustacean Shell Fish 0
Soy (flour, oil, proteins, etc) 0
Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfites 0
Tree Nuts 0
elery (root, stalk, leaves, not seeds) 0
Lupines and Products thereof 0
Mollusks (oysters, clams, etc) 0
Mustard and Products thereof 0
Sesame and products thereof 0
Yellow #5 0


Each 2 ounce bottle contains approximately 45 servings per single serving of food or beverage.
An average serving size is 1 generous squeeze or just over a 1/4 teaspoon into a 12 ounce serving of food or beverage
Per serving of natural Bacon flavor there are approximately 6 calories.


Water, Alcohol, Natural Flavors
(Nothing else added)
And usual, we have deliberately kept the alcohol level to a bare minimum, that is only a fraction of what is present mass-produced products.

Bacon Uses and Tips

In experimental uses and taste tests, the Bacon “behaves best” as a background flavor when you add it into any base that contains fats already.

[The beauty of it is that you are not compounding your recipe with even more fat of the bacon, but you’re introducing natural background tastes of hickory smoked bacon]

Several Ideas to give your own creativity a jump start:

Whipped Cream Cheese spreads/dips

Butter (melted and seasoned—always add in after you shut off the burner)

Sour Cream (can add chives for baked potatoes or as an add-in to dips)

Salad Dressings (because of olive oil or other oils, bacon works well)

Gravies/Pan Drippings (from any chicken, pork or beef)

Meat-based Home Made Chile (add in at the end of simmer phase)


Sautéed Onions (always add in after you shut off the burner)

Several Non-Fat Exceptions that work also:

Bloody Maries



Maple Syrup

Muffin Mixes and Corn Bread Mixes

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by Ronnie A. on Flavor Essence Flavorings
Awesome Flavors
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Pineapple, Blueberry, Tangerine, Peach
And I use the flavors in...: Seltzer water, baking and coffee

Amazing natural flavors. Just placed my second order, keep up the great flavors!

by Lynda from NH on Flavor Essence
Grateful to have stumbled on to flavor essence
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Pineapple, coconut, raspberry + many more
And I use the flavors in...: Sparkling water, coffee

I originally stumbled across Flavor Essence on a Sodastream subreddit. I’m so glad I did. Flavor Essence offers so many unique flavors in convenient squeeze bottles that allow you to control the amount of flavoring you add to the drop. I’m in seltzer heaven! The pineapple flavor is especially great. I would like to see a green apple in the future but I’m not sure how popular that would be but fingers crossed! I can’t wait to see what other flavors Mick comes up with in the future.

by AuntWoodie from VA on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Caramel creme brûlée, coconut, rich dark chocolate, peach, milk chocolate, black cherry, custard creme
And I use the flavors in...: Yogurt, coffee, water

The customer service and the products are fantastic! I especially love the coconut in my plain yogurt! I like the caramel creme brûlée and both chocolates in water and (for a change) in coffee. I also use the caramel creme brûlée in plain yogurt sometimes.

I think it is really neat also that I get a little personal message with each order!

by Theresa Hookstown PA on Flavor Essence
Toasted Almond exact Dunkin matcch
The flavors that I have used so far are...: toasted almond, caramel creme brulee, coconut, lemon, strawberry
And I use the flavors in...: coffee, yogurt and seltzer water
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: A couple drops in plain non fat yogurt gives all the flavor and no sugars from fruits

a year or so ago I realized how much money I was spending at Dunkin Donut simplly because I loved the non sweet toasted almond flavor they have. So I started googling for an alternative and stumbled upon flavor essence through amazon. I prefer to order direct from the company, which I do now. The toasted almond is exactly the same as dunkin donuts. I'm in coffee heaven. I do the fruit flavors to add some pizazz to plain yogurt. I love this stuff

by Dulci from Arizona on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Peach
And I use the flavors in...: water

I have been looking for unsweetened water flavorings for years. Plain water is not appealing to me. I finally found you guys and so far am loving it. I am ordering Black Cherry today to try that. The peach is a bit like peach pie flavor to me, a little creamy tasting if that makes sense. I will try the Cherry and see how that is. Thank you for making flavorings with NO sweeteners. Why the heck do people need everything sweetened? Thank you.

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by Ronnie A. on Flavor Essence Flavorings
Awesome Flavors
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Pineapple, Blueberry, Tangerine, Peach
And I use the flavors in...: Seltzer water, baking and coffee

Amazing natural flavors. Just placed my second order, keep up the great flavors!

by Emily on Flavor Essence Flavorings
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Lemon, pineapple, coconut, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry
And I use the flavors in...: Seltzer, cocktails

I am obsessed with these flavors! I haven't dabbled with adding them to baking recipes yet, but they are amazing in my seltzer and fun flavored cocktails. Thanks Mick!!

by Ash from NC on Flavor Essence Flavorings
Love it, but i agree...please make hazelnut
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Caramel creme brulee
And I use the flavors in...: My coffee
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: I have replace my sugary flavored liquid creamer by mixing flavor essence with monkfruit sweetener and

I love this stuff! Just ordered a 5 pack before my first bottle runs out. Please add a hazelnut flavor, and a butter pecan.

by Ariel, NH on Flavor Essence Flavorings
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Pineapple, maple, coconut, toasted almond, custard creme, and caramel creme brûlée.
And I use the flavors in...: Coffee, steamed milk, and water.

Please make hazelnut!!! ?

Also, my great uncle Derek Owen lives in Hopkinton at Owen Farm. Small world! Lol.

by Angie on Flavor Essence Flavorings
The flavors that I have used so far are...: Blueberry

I use the Blueberry in iced tea and it’s great. It has no after taste like what you get in restaurants. Can’t wait to try more flavors.