Flavor Essence

Unsweetened Natural Background Flavorings
for your favorite beverages and food projects

Nuts & Chocolate Flavors

Fruit & Berry Flavors

Key Things You Should Know About Flavor Essence:

The people that understand us best have gourmet “foodie” tendencies and/or health-conscious interests. By using unsweetened natural background flavorings, you can avoid mass-produced, pre-flavored food and beverages. You can custom-flavor anything to match your own tastes. And because of that, you will have maximum creative control with minimal easy effort. The primary use of Flavor Essence is to add clean tasting gourmet-level flavor to your favorite things without any odd after-taste; and without adding any kind of preservatives, colorings, sugars, fats or carbs.

    • To custom control the taste of your water, sparkling water, coffee, tea, milk, juices, smoothies, shakes and adult beverage cocktails (and personalize your own blends of Flavor Essence flavors for maximum creativity).
    • To add subtle exotic flavors (beyond vanilla) into baking batters, mixes and frostings
    • To flavor yogurt and cereals without adding any sugars
    • To create flavored balsamic vinegars and dressings
    • To add some true flavor to fruit salads and juices– especially when the fruit “looks good” but is missing either it’s key flavor component or you want to complement it
  1. These small-batch bottlings of unsweetened natural flavors are made as a simply and cleanly as possible. [These contain zero sugars of any kind].
  2. Add your own favorite sweeteners (like stevia, cane sugar, agave etc.), OR go without any sugars at all, OR you can “borrow” and just take advantage what sweetness is already present in your beverage or food.  Many manufactured beverages and foods already contain added sugars, but our flavorings will not add any more.
  3. Stylistically, these flavors are a serious attempt to be as “true-to-form”  and lush as possible –in both aroma and taste.
  4. They are gourmet quality and easily add complex aromas & tasty flavors to your favorite beverages and food and baking projects.
  5. Not to be confused with syrups –that either have a heavy-handed presence or unwanted extra ingredients. (This is one of the reasons that these are accurately described as “natural unsweetened flavorings are “background” flavorings but can be used to create a syrup)
  6. And unlike extracts, these are concentrated for you to custom-control for individual beverages and measure out for baking batches too.
  7. Unlike extracts and syrups, these add gourmet-level finesse and complexity.
  8. “Their place” is cleanly in the background –(and as background flavors they also behave cleanly when blended together)
  9. The goal is to give you great creative latitude, a new sense of control, and a lot of tasty fun. Healthy can be very tasty.

Take a moment to study…Help/Pointers & Usage Guidelines. By reading the pointers and usage guidelines, you will understand how the flavors are best used. And with this bit of reading, you can get some very good insights into what you can do and what to expect from the flavors. From there, it truly is up to your own sense of taste and your own creativity.

Contact Us Directly with any questions, or if want specific pointers.

Some tasty beverage uses for Flavor Essence flavorings: 

Stir into water, sparkling water, hot or iced coffees and teas, protein shakes, smoothies, juices, & other blender drinks, as well as exotic martinis and cocktails. [Distillers, Brewers, Kombucha and CBD manufacturers are also using these as natural background flavorings in their own processes]

Some tasty food uses for Flavor Essence flavorings:

Stir into muffin and cake mixes, cookie doughs, bread recipes, frostings, whipped and butter creams, pancake batters. Also works well when stirred in oatmeals, yogurts, cream cheeses etc. These also “behave” very well in flavoring ice cream, butters, and salad dressings. [And a little known secret is that whenever you do want to make your own syrups, these are cleanest base for your own custom-flavored syrups).

Flavor Essence Ingredients:

The composition of each flavoring is specifically kept as very simple as possible– with only natural flavors, water and alcohol (vegan and gluten free). And uniquely to these products, the alcohol which acts as our natural preservative is kept to a very nominal level –of less than 1/30th of a teaspoon per serving. This is equivalent to about 150 cups of coffee with these flavors to about 1 glass of wine or what is less than the naturally occurring alcohol in fresh squeezed unpasteurized orange juice.

Flavor Essence -No Unwanted Ingredients — And you won’t experience an odd after-taste or “off-note” flavor in the background taste or the “finish”—unless you use too much of a flavoring.

Flavor Essence Nutritional Information

  • 0 Sugars, 0 Sodium, 0 Total Fat, 0 Carbs, @2.5 Calories,
  • No Added Coloring,  No Preservatives,  No Allergens
  • Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly
  • And to confirm, (because many people ask),
    NO– these do not contain any natural sweeteners, such as Stevia at all

Flavor Essence Allergen Analysis

Wheat (includes Triticum species & Triticale): 0
Egg and Egg Products: 0
Milk and Milk Products: 0
Soy (flour, oil, proteins, etc): 0
Peanut Products (oil, nut, etc): 0
Sesame and products thereof: 0
Fish: 0
Crustacean Shell Fish: 0
Mollusks (oysters, clams, etc): 0
Celery (root, stalk, leaves, not seeds): 0
Lupines and Products thereof: 0
Mustard and Products thereof: 0
Yellow #5: (no colors ever added)

Flavor Essence Packaging:

  • Convenient 2-ounce, squeezable, portion-controllable bottles of flavoring.
  • The bottles are pocket-portable and easily stored in kitchens & bars.
  • Simply squeeze & stir into food and drinks.


by Ambree Barrett Sarasota Florida on Flavor Essence Flavorings
How to get the DunkinDonuts blueberry coffee flavor
The flavors that I have used so far are: Blueberry (5 times), butterscotch, maple, caramel creme brulee, custard creme
And I use the flavors in: COFFEEEEEEEE!!!!
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: See review

I'm about to tell you how to get the closest thing you can get to dunkin donuts blueberry coffee.
OK. so I have spent well over $200 on trying to duplicate dunkin donuts blueberry iced coffee...I've tried all the different syrups and extracts and bought every blueberry flavored coffee out there... I've even tried bribing the people at Dunkin to sell me the blueberry flavor (kinda kidding).
What I found out is that they use a sugar free,unsweetened blueberry flavor and use caramel swirl to get the amazing sweet flavor.
Sooo. I discovered this Blueberry essence and was going to give it my final attempt because I was tired of wasting money..and boy am I glad I did.
First..its important that you buy Eight O'clock coffee, Florida berry shortcake coffee. Its in the pink and black bag. Trust me...this is the only coffee flavor that works. (I've tried their Blueberry.but it's not as good and strong flavor as the berry shortcake)
I prefer cold coffee... so I do one heaping scoop for every 2 cups in my coffee machine. I usually make a large batch at a time so I make 12 cups and add 6 large, heaping scoops of the berry coffee.
Once it's brewed, prepare your coffee like normal. Add however much plain creamer you prefer. (I use half and half) then. add in however much sugar you like ..(I use turbinado and coconut sugar because it gives a caramelly flavor in my opinion)..but any sweetener will work.
And finally... Open up the blueberry essence and shake it in. It depends how strong you like it. Start out with 2 or 3 drops per cup and then work your way up until its how you like it. I like really strong blueberry flavor..so I add at least 10 drops per every 16 ounce coffee.
I really hope this helps and ENJOY

by Julie from CO on Flavor Essence
Never going back to cans
The flavors that I have used so far are: Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry (Jam Style)
And I use the flavors in: Soda Stream

I am so excited about finding these flavor essences! I recently purchased a Soda Stream, because we always drink sparkling water, but we're trying to cut down on our waste and save a little money in the process. These flavors make it more of a privilege than an alternative. SOOOOO beyond what I was hoping for! The Raspberry Jam Style is my favorite!!!! No sugar, but it tastes just like jam. Thank you, Mick and Co. for doing what you're doing! I am going to recommend this to everyone I know that also drinks sparkling water in excess. I have a diabetic family friend who is already intrigued!

by Anita from Oregon on Flavor Essence
The flavors that I have used so far are: Coconut, Strawberry, Peach, Black Cherry
And I use the flavors in: sparkling water, shave ice

This is our second purchase, the first being off Amazon a year back. Happy to be ordering direct instead. We originally bought a few flavors to use in our little shave ice machine in the summers. I just received my 10-pack, since we've discovered how easy it is to use them to flavor our sparkling water. The bonus is less waste (cans and plastic bottles) since we purchased a home carbonating contraption 🙂

by Katie from Florida on Flavor Essence
Absolutely in Love
The flavors that I have used so far are: Lemon, Peach, Mango, Raspberry, Blueberry
And I use the flavors in: SodaStream Sparkling Water
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: Trust the directions, start with a drop or two and add more as preferred!

I randomly came across this company in my online search for sparkling water flavorings, and am I ever so glad that they came across my path. I had made a decision to switch to a SodaStream and make my own flavored sparkling water, the only issue was was finding flavorings to use. Almost everything had terrible reviews or was sweetened, and I am far too lazy to bother making my own reductions or something from scratch. This company and their product 100% fit the bill, and I decided to give them a try. They are so delicious, taste so natural, and they do not lie when a little goes a long way. So I won’t be running out after only a week or two of daily use. They have got every single checkbox with these flavorings, and they have gained another loyal customer. If they ever make a lime/key lime flavor, you better believe I will all over that!

by Diedra from MD on Flavor Essence Flavorings
Awesome Flavors
The flavors that I have used so far are: Blueberry, raspberry, coconut, pineapple, banana mocha, pistachio, cinnamon, lemon, maple, graham, chocolate (milk & dark), mango, peach
And I use the flavors in: Coffee, lattes, tea, yogurt, smoothies, and baked goods
Recipe or Flavor Hints to Other People: Black cherry & toasted almond (taste similar to amaretto); coconut & toasted almond; cinnamon & graham; blueberry & raspberry (mixed berries)

I love Flavor Essence! These flavorings are an awesome way to infuse flavor without the added sugar or artificial sweetener. I’ve been using these for over a year in order to control the sugar content in my coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. , and I keep coming back. I would like to see lime, pecan and/or butter toffee flavors added. Thanks Mick for truly wonderful products!