About Us

A New Hampshire company located in Hampton.

What we do, and what it’s for: Flavor Essence is a small company specializing in the design-bottling of unsweetened, natural flavorings. These behave as clean, subtle background concentrates so that you can custom-flavor your own single portion beverages, as well as larger-scaled beverages, and more creative recipes in baking/cooking batches, frostings, sauces and dressings.

On the very simplest of levels, these are stirred directly into things like your coffee, shakes, seltzers, yogurt, doughs and batters.

Concentration levels, ease of use, and who is “liking” the flavors: To make sure these are very “user-friendly”, the concentration levels are specially set to work extremely well with individual servings of beverages and small batches of food. The flip-top cap packaging allows you to shake drops, squeeze small streams into beverages and/or easily control measured amounts into baking spoons.

[Bakers regularly augment recipes that call for vanilla, with an extra “secret ingredient” of Flavor Essence to add subtle complexities. Bartenders hide our flavors under the bar and use them to exotically to add that other “secret flavor” to their creations. Baristas are now using these in their art to create some of the newest coffee combinations on the fly to –to wow their favorite customers. Healthy-folks are now enjoying the ability to flavor their shakes and seltzers so that they actually do taste good. And Dieters are now able to enjoy superior flavors that were not previously available to them in either good taste or not in a prohibited form–like Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Caramel along with a tasty array of various fruits/berries to easily blend with them].

Our approach in short: Like a boutique winery, we have been caringly designing and bottling small-batches of gourmet-level flavorings –since 2015. With successive little batch improvements, each flavor has had its own path toward evolving from being “good” into having “the right personality”.  It takes months of in-house micro-batches and tweaks before we can feel comfortable about bottling and selling “Batch #1” of any flavor. And even then, we have always listened very carefully to customer reactions both pro and con for the follow-on batch improvements. Also like a boutique winery, we are very sensitive to all aspects of each flavor’s character traits and how well each flavor “behaves” with your food and drink. All of our customers have TheKitchen@FlavorEssence.com in their contacts list.

Our strategy in short: We are minimalists and as pure as possible. The primary goal for each natural flavor, is to focus upon it having a “true-to-form” flavor style that satisfies gourmet-level senses of aroma & taste. Flavor Essence wants to offer you “just the flavor”.  Our strategy has been to correctly develop a little portfolio of the core flavors that we all want but cannot find, and to provide several flavors that are just too difficult or tie-consuming to reproduce in your kitchen –like our mellow Caramel Crème Brulee , our rich/ripe Banana Foster or our creamy/soft Custard Crème.  With the existing set of flavors, we already know that creative people love to use them as their own “building blocks”. They use them alone for simple custom-flavoring, or to make up their own blends by mixing together many combinations of compatible flavors. Our customers are creative, love to be in charge, or have both qualities. They can flavor whatever they want, change flavors whenever the mood strikes, and they have the luxury of being able to adjust/customize both the flavor levels and mixtures to match their own tastes and moods. Big products cannot do that for you.

Our goal is to give you flavor control: Flavor Essence is focussed on the frustrations so many of us have with over-processed, pre-processed, pre-flavored, sweetened  foods & beverages.

  • Why does everything have to come pre-flavored, pre-sweetened, pre-colored and heavily preserved because of all the unwanted ingredients?
  • Why can’t we all just customize the flavors of our favorites in our food and drink instead of settling for mass-produced highly processed food and beverages?
  • Isn’t it better to flavor it yourself? And why not switch things around once in awhile too?

The Ingredients: water, alcohol, natural flavor — that’s it. And versus mass-produced extractions, our alcohol levels are purposely minimized to less than 1/30th of a teaspoon per serving (or about the level that can naturally occur in fresh-squeezed orange juices). When diluted into a 12 ounce drink this becomes truly nominal and kid-safe.

With Flavor Essence, nothing is pre-sweetened, and there are no added colors or preservatives, carbs, fat, sodium or gluten. Actually they are allergen-free and vegan-based culinary formulations. There isn’t an odd after-taste or “off-note” when added as a background to your favorite food and beverages.

Our Best Customers and Friends:

 Creative people  Health-Conscious people
 Bartenders  Athletes
 Bakers  Diabetics
 Baristas  Dieters
 Chefs  Vegans

We want to develop a network with bakers, bartenders, chefs and gourmet groups that want to experience clean realistic flavors, and are creative enough experiment, customize and control their own flavor styling in recipes, as well as delicious beverages.  In the fun world of good eating and drinking, we really want to get to know the kind of people that love to cook, love great food and enjoy exotic beverages.

Our distribution goal is to wholesale and retail our natural flavor concentrates outside of New Hampshire.
Please Contact: TheKitchen@FlavorEssence.com