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  • This was the product I was looking for! I’m obsessed with Dunkin Donuts blueberry coffee, so I wanted to buy flavoring so I can have it whenever I want. I bought Torani’s Blueberry syrup which tasted bad in coffee; the flavor was off and it was very sweet. I came across this product and it was just what I was looking for! You get the flavor you want by adding a few drops and you can add your own sweetener if you like it sweet. Thanks for making this product, will buy again!
  • The creme brulee flavor is wonderful and I do believe that you are definitely on the right track! Keep up the good work! It is nice to have flavors that have no sweetener so that people can choose their own. Actually, I used it in a pancake recipe and it added such a lovely flavor.
  • Blueberries!!! This stuff rocks. it’s got the proper blueberry flavor and it’s nice and strong. I add it to water so I can have unsweetened blueberry water minus calories; you know, the stuff that’s super expensive in the store? Yeah, making it at home using this made me a hero in the house.
  • I have been looking for un-sweetened coffee flavors for a while and I finally found these. Great price, flavors taste good, fast shipping. Excellent purchase, will buy again!
  • Ordered a 5 pack twice and highly recommend. Soda stream has few flavors, most have sugar substitutes (ick). Flavor Essence renewed by love of the soda water. I’ve tried blueberry, maple, black cherry, strawberry, peach, custard, coconut and vanilla. The custard flavor and vanilla flavors are more suited to an sweeter drink like an Italian soda. I will definitely order again.
  • I’ll be damned if these are not addictive. And I’ll be damned if my husband isn’t secretly stealing all my fruity extract flavors for his skinny vodka drinks. we love you, never stop making these.
  • Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. I’ve been in love with this site since
    the day I found it. Love the flavors and the ability to add my own sweetness!
  • Here is my explanation for the large amounts of Custard Creme. In addition to creme soda (great call on that one, by the way), adding the custard flavor to coffee with half and half and a little cocoa makes it taste just like that General Foods International Coffee they had in the late 1980s. I think the french one, but not sure. But it sure is delicious. H.
  • Hello Mick! I have been loving the Bananas Foster, Caramel Creme Brulee, and Rich Dark Chocolate in my tofu puddings, cauliflower rice puddings, gelatins, and hot drinks! Such luxuries! And I love the Bacon in my martini-style drinks (even without vodka, sometimes just Red Wine Vinegar, “1888” brand olive juice “Dirtiest Martini Mix,” and ice and water). Delicious. You make every meal of my day better! Thank you!
  • I have used the French Vanilla to make a cake. It made a delicious favor
  • I was excited to see your notes about Graham Cracker – I too loved exactly that memory you mentioned, “As a kid, I loved graham crackers dipped into a glass of milk until they softened up and almost fell apart.” Exactly! I remember sitting at the kitchen table, doing exactly that. I had been sad to miss the S’mores for just this reason (my love for graham crackers), and had planned to add S’mores to my order below, but I see that you stopped selling it because “We no longer create S’mores, but that’s because with a bit of ingenuity, now you can.” However, I looked in the flavor store today and I don’t see graham cracker. I don’t see graham cracker in your Etsy storefront, either. When will I be able to buy it? Thank you so much and I hope you’re having a happy holiday season, Best, D.
  • I find that the pineapple seems to function similarly to vanilla in my sparkling waters–it brings out the other flavors that are more subtle. (I don’t know if you remember, but you gave me that tip a long time ago. I am still using it!) One of my favorite sodastream drinks lately is 1/2 tsp raspberry, 1/2 tsp pineapple, and 1/2 teaspoon blueberry for one full bottle of carbonated water. Delicious! I have also been living off of a really great unsweetened iced tea: about 10 drops of maple, 2tbs of half and half, and the rest unsweetened iced tea. I am amazed how much sweetness the maple brings out of the cream. I have seriously been drinking that every day for weeks. As much as I love all the fruity ones for my sparkling waters, I think your maple is my favorite flavor out of all of them. It hits EXACTLY what my tastebuds “picture” when I think of maple. K.
  • PS you were right about putting the Bacon flavor in dirty martinis! Sodelicious! In the summer I will try it with salad dressing too, as yourecommend. 🙂 Thanks for all the deliciousness! 🙂
  • I cannot live without the chocolate and the caramel! And now, trying the almond for the first time! Thank you for so many delicious meals and drinks.
  • Love! You are the best! I just did away with my Keurig (blight!) and ordered a new traditional coffee maker. I can’t wait to taste real coffee again, of course, with my favorite Blueberry Flavor Essence! =))
  • Someone just posted your site on a Facebook group called vegan keto made simple which has 14,000 members. I hope you get tons of business! Can’t wIt to try my flavors. Best wishes.
  • You have an Incredible Easy Website for ordering !! Just ordered my choice of 5 !!!!
    Thank You !!!
  • Awesome seller! Have used this already in some baking projects…..amazing! Done with store-bought extracts that stink of alcohol and offer no real natural flavor, just that chemical taste. I’ve ruined entire batches of cookies because the extract just didn’t mesh well with the rest of the ingredients. I can’t wait to order more! Going to try Smores and Almond next! 😀
  • I just wanted you to know that we use this in our morning coffee and occasionally in our protein smoothies. It’s our favorite flavor and ads a caramel richness that we enjoy.
  • Mick! I am all stocked up on your amazing delicious Dark Chocolate and Coconut flavors, but now somehow I’ve run out of the excellent Banana and Brulee flavors! I love FlavorEssence so much that I can’t keep my cabinet full! Plus, I’m interested to try your Bacon for the first time (I’m planning to add it to one of my favorite smoky sweet-red pepper recipes, and maybe a hot cheese dip for crackers) – this will be my first try with one of the FlavorEssence savory instead of sweet varieties. Thanks so much for giving me so much happiness with every one of my meals and drinks! Keep up the good work! — D..
  • Hi Mick! I just wanted to send you a quick message letting you know how much I LOVE your flavorings. I have a lot of health issues, mainly with my kidneys and bladder, so I need to drink a lot of water throughout the day, around 96 ounces. Anyway, I was getting so tired of drinking plain water. For a long time I added lemon juice, but the acid was effecting me negatively. I tried several different flavorings from the store and they all had that artificial sweetener taste, which I can’t stand. I went to Amazon to search for a specific water my local grocery store carries and couldn’t find it, but your flavorings came up. I decided to give them a shot and have been hooked since. They are just so great!!! And they are reasonably priced, which is another huge plus in my book. Last time I ordered, May I think, you included a free bottle of the Pineapple and told me to mix it with the coconut…it is awesome that way! Thank you for the free bottle and for the recommendation!
  • Mick,
    I would love to feature your products on my page as I gear towards helping others. People want to know every aspect and every product I use. I would love to be a Guru customer. Also I have consultants that may be able to help your business grow. If you are intetested in the possibilities I will put you in touch. I look forward to the future. I am looking to flavor water and my Keto Fat Bombs! Have a great day! J.
  • Loving the citrus in the works. So excited to try the pineapple and maybe one day a grapefruit!
  • Hope you are settling into your new space nicely and loving your new kitchen. Keep the magic coming!!
  • OH MY GOD!!! I will scream this out loud, Mick!
    Your flavor profiles are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, my friend.
    You better believe me when I say that I will be spreading the word around town about your company! Holy smokes!
    I’m never this over the top about something such as flavoring. YOU have it ALL figured out, kid!
    Congratulations! Have a superfantasic day! Warm regards, K.
  • can’t wait to share these with my dad. We love carbonated water from our SodaStreams. These make it amazing!
  • Thanks Mick!! You guys do great work, appreciate everything!! 🙂 -M.
  • from being an amazon buyer to direct bulk buyer- i appreciate your customer service and product line! thank you mick!
  • Very nice buying experience. Loved the hand written note. Very nice touch.
  • These flavors are obviously a labor of love for the creator/owner of the shop (“Flavor Essence”). The creator/owner (Mick) included an informational packet with handwritten notes, including creative descriptions and notes about how he developed each flavor. He also responded to an email that I sent (via the Amazon system) very promptly.
  • So quick. Treated very well as a customer. Nice product. Love it so far. And a reasonable price. All in all – a perfect combination. Thank you!
  • Just to let you know how very much I am enjoying your flavors!
    In particular, I found perfect ultimate heaven in a recipe that I’ve been tweaking for months now. Your BLACK CHERRY flavor took my Black Forest dessert (parfait/pudding type) over the top to absolute ambrosia. My recipe is sugar-free black cherry gelatin, a little bit of malic acid (the fruit acid naturally occurring in cherries) for tartness, some dark cocoa (half “alkalized” black cocoa, half dark dutched cocoa), some chocolate-flavored stevia, your BLACK CHERRY flavor, and a sprinkle of white aspartame on top for snowy finish on the chocolate/cherry mountains. Just amazing, sugar free, I was in absolute heaven, thank you so much. You gave me “creative control,” just as you wrote! I love that you call it “plump/ripe perfumes and soft/chubby cherry flavors”, that is excellent. “Chubby!” “Flavor Essence” is truly gifted with flavors and with descriptions. 🙂 Thank you.I am also in love with your BANANAS FOSTER flavor! Oh my god, the aroma! It is amazing. I use it in a smoothie. The recipe is frozen banana sugar-free gelatin, refrigerated banana sugar-free gelatin, some coconut-flavored sparkling water, your BANANAS FOSTER flavor, and then stevia or aspartame to taste, and sometimes just a small bit of malic acid (the acid naturally occurring at low levels in bananas). Amazing, amazing, foamy frothy sugar free heavenly! I see that you wrote “buttery brown sugar and a touch of rum/vanilla,” yes, I see that, amazing, thank you. Many thanks for the happiness you gave me. Best, D.
  • So happy to find this product. I love all the flavors I received. Great to finally find a product that gives me and my guests the freedom to add flavors to each cup of coffee to our individual preferences one cup at a time. Even better I can use them in other foods as well. Thank you for your product.
  • Second order, love your product!!
  • Customer service is exemplary. Post Office sends deliverednotice two days BEFORE actual delivery! Worked out for the best. Got to learn something of the man behind the product. Haven’t tried it yet, but if the flavoring is half as good as the customer service, I’m sure to be satisfied. This is a business that deserves to succeed.
  • Second time purchasing.
    Got a personal note from seller, they remembered my allergy. Very professional. Love these in my coffee.
  • With the price of vanilla having gone through the roof, I’ve been looking for other flavor alternatives. These are wonderful. None of that “artificial” taste or smell. Super-friendly service – it arrived with a hand-written note inviting me to contact them with any questions. 🙂
  • HI Mick!
    Just received my order you are SUCH a life saver, thank you! And thank you for the list of bulk pricing bottles
  • Hello: This is the second time we’re ordering these flavorings from you! they’re great!
    Since this is a 5 pack, we would like to include the following flavors: Toasted Almond, Caramel Creme Brulee, Strawberry, Smores, and Rich Dark Chocolate. Thank you!
  • Holy crap this stuff is awesome! We received our first order tonight and immediately got to mixing. Oh the peach! And the bananas foster! What a way to make your own flavored seltzer water. We’ll be placing another order for more flavors shortly. Thank you for this awesome product!
  • Impressive service and attention to detail.
    Seller included helpful information and cooking tips with the order. Will order again.
  • I am really enjoying these flavors. I put it in my Tea everyday.
  • Great transaction . . super product and packaging, great price and fast delivery!
    I recommend Flavor Essence!
  • Item arrived as expected and with a nice personalized note!
    Happy to order again from this seller 🙂
  • Great customer service! Flavor essences are delicious, were packaged well,
    and the owner left personalized notes with tips for using the product. They went above and beyond, and I will definitely be purchasing new flavors in the future!
  • Love these flavors. Arrived on schedule.
    Handy info comes with them explaining all the great idea for them. Great service!
  • Dear Mick,
    I hope you know how much I appreciate your personalized, speedy, and
    informative message. It makes me even happier knowing I am buying from
    another passionate human, and that the product I am buying is made with
    delicate care and love. I am definitely what you consider to be a foodie,
    and (due to dietary and medical issues) have fallen in love with baking and
    cooking gluten free and vegan foods. Notably homemade plant based ice cream
    (NICECREAM) which is where I hope your flavours will help me shine.
    I am so delighted, I am going to order your 5 pack right away because I
    just cannot decide which I want to try first! If you have any favorites,
    please let me know, as you would know best!
    I look forward to becoming a regular customer.
    – L 🙂
  • Customer’s comments: Just a heads up, I was trying to delete an item from my bag and I was not able to change qty. to zero so I had to empty my bag and start over. Just thought you should know. Thanks.
  • Hey Mick! I was that one customer that didnt receive the package…i so far tried almond. Banana….vanilla..and strawberry from the sample pack…..i really love the strawberry!! Made a low carb dessert using heavy cream..sugar free vanilla pudding and few drops of strawberry extract and it tasted just like a strawberry ice cream!! Ordering these new flavors…chocolate to intensify the chocolate in cake and chocolate frosting ! -Javier
  • What a wonderful product…these flavors are so good (bought primarily to use in water). Shipped super fast and very well protected….accompanied by tips and pointers for use. I love the handwritten notes all over the place. Thank you, Mick!
  • Hi Mick, I’m excited to try the flavors of Maple and Custard Creme! I’ve discovered I like Coconut mixed with Toasted Almond flavor. Also by combining Pumpkin Spice with Vanilla Creme, the “bite” of the spice is softened. Best, S.
  • These flavorings are awesome and I am nitpicking about things like this!!! Wonderful product!!!Hi Mick! Just stocking up again. I haven’t tried the peach in a while,
    but what I’ve noticed is that flavors that I’ve been less successful with, when I order them after some time, I find they’ve improved!
    (Or else I’m better at using them! haha).
    Anyway, looking forward to my restocked goodies. Take care.
  • Will purchase again. Use in combination w/ vanilla yogurt and milk for lunch.
  • Always prompt shipping and packaged well. I’ll be a life long customer!
  • this essence is the best I have ever bought I will buy all the flavours and recommend it . in our house child and old love it ,you can put it on butter, or use it like me on corn flakes.
  • I have been enjoying your flavorings in smoothies every morning! Also I love using one (like Raspberry, for instance) with a dash of sweetener and some club soda for a soft drink. No Caffeine and yummy! Thanks!!
  • These are great in my coffee and water. I am eager to try them in my keto baking. Seller is super nice and sends a nice little note in with your purchase. I am going to buy the rest of them soon.
  • Customer’s comments: Love these in my “fizzy water”!
  • Flavors are all great. Ordered two packs of five for a Christmas gift for my wife who loves flavored seltzer. All flavors we tried are great. No sugar or fake sweeteners. Only complaint is no pineapple flavor which my wife loves. Had to order from a competitor.
  • Blueberry LOVE, A favorite also good mixed with coconut or vanilla Black Cherry LOVE, great for soda water Maple LOVE -I love maple water, not the 7g of sugar-great substitute Strawberry LOVE good in water and protein shakes Peach LIKE, very light – good in tea Coconut OK Custard Creme LIKE for a sweet drink Toasted Almonds OK good flavor but not for drinks Vanilla-LIKE mixed with other flavors
  • Flavors are all great. Ordered two packs of five for a Christmas gift for my wife who loves flavored seltzer. All flavors we tried are great. No sugar or fake sweeteners. Only complaint is no pineapple flavor which my wife loves. Had to order from a competitor.
  • Thanks again for another quality shipment. We ordered a gift pack on the 18th of Dec 2017 and didn’t expect delivery before Christmas…But surprise, thank you Flavor Essence for gathering a special order together AND shipping so quickly. I am quite sure my brother will appreciate the essences. These products are simply the best healthiest way to add flavor to your foods.
  • Thanks for the personal note in the shipment! We are enjoying our flavours, and will be ordering more 🙂
  • Interesting products… My husband loves them in his coffee. I am going to test in cooking and see if they will be good.
  • I purchased all 5 flavors to use with my Soda Stream for Seltzer. I love them all! AND, how unexpected to receive a nice handwritten note along with my order, thanking me and hoping that I enjoy them. Wow…. Impressive. I’m excited to try the Blueberry when it’s available!
  • Love love LOVE this! I also got the caramel. I’m not a health nut, but I just have questions about all the “stuff” in flavored creamers. A little sugar, some real half & half, my french roast and a squirt of these flavorings, I’m in heaven! Thank you!
  • Excellent !! So versatile!! You can use in coffee tea…I even tried it in martini…made flavored vodka… Flavored it without the sugar!!! Sooooo good!!
  • I use this in oat bran with stevia — gives a great flavor to a healthy breakfast!
  • Loving the freshness of this flavoring; I’ll likely buy more of this company’s other ones.
  • This product is awesome. Wonderful in baking, makes amazing pancakes and I love it in coffee. Great seller I love the personal note as well. Great website thanks for the recipes
  • Love these delicious flavorings! I am so happy to have found these as the ingredients are all natural and I can feel safe about what I am ingesting. I purchased all 5 flavors and they taste so good, (my favorite is the banana foster). Thank you for making this product with integrity and care! It is obvious the owner is very passionate about her product and it shows in it’s quality.
  • I use this in my Tea! Awesome. Now I don’t need to purchase flavored teas, I can buy regular tea and add my own flavoring without the sugars or artificial ingredients found in other products. Great price too!
  • Very fast delivery, and not to mention this was so good in my cake! My daughter has so many good allergies so finding products like this is just awesome! I am going to order more. I have almost every flavor except the pumpkin spice! Thanks again
  • I have tried the French Vanilla Creme and the Banana Foster in 2 recipes so far. And both baked up to become very elegant and very delicious. Our friends raved about them. One was a Crispy Banana Foster Chocolate Chip Cookie (with a teaspoon of the Fr. Vanilla and 2 tspns of the Banana Foster in the cookie dough)…. a major hit! And the other was a Zuchinni Bread with just the Fr. Vanilla Creme, which ended up having a light sweet creamier flavor. (I now think regular commercial vanilla is more heavy handed and does not blend in as well as this product does).
  • Great experience and great product. I will be buying more flavors from Flavor Essence. (Great in soda water for my Soda Stream!)
  • This is a great product. Nice customer service with a personal note when received. I use this in my Greek yogurt and it is awesome!
  • My Use: I use your flavors for my SodaStream machine. The flavors that company sells are mostly sweetened. I use their machine to make seltzer and prefer it flavored. The bottles of unsweetened flavors SodaStream offers are tiny and weak. Your bottles are about three times the amount they offer and have richer flavorings. Also, my wife uses your products for baking. Suggestion: Please consider creating a cherry flavor. I would purchase it regularly. Question: Because I like your products so much, I want you to be very successful so I can buy them the rest of my life! Please give me links where I can write “rave” 5* reviews!
  • Great product. Excellent seller!! Will do business with again
  • This flavor essence is really delicious and natural. I am going to order more flavors! Try it!
  • Awesome awesome awesome. I can’t wait to get more!
  • Fast shipping, love the product, thanks!
  • Good stuff. Thanks
  • Extra information sent along with product was a nice touch.
  • Got a personal note — very nice!
  • I even received a personal note from the seller regarding what I ordered……very impressive!
  • Excellent!
  • Yum!
  • Great product and excellent seller who discounted shipping because of a small delay. Very professional communication from seller developing flavors and asking for feedback. Glad to give it, love the stuff!!
  • This is delicious! I love Caramel Brulee Lattes but didn’t want all of the sugar that goes a long with regular syrups. This is delicious without all the calories. I will definitely order many more of these from this company. It arrived in a timely manner with a cute handwritten note on it. Thanks!
  • I can make my own lattes or flavored coffee drinks (will try this in cake, muffin mixes). You can adjust the strength of flavor and that is perfect for the family.
  • Nice clean taste, no artificial ingredients/chemicals to worry about here! Flavor Essence can be added to anything & everything, it’s versatility is endless. Best of all for me is it’s 0 Cal & 0 Carb but yet bursting with flavor. Add it to cream cheese for Pumpkin Cheese Cake. I luv to whip up heavy whipping creme & add Caramel Flavor Essence. Pancakes/ Waffles made the lo carb way with Flavor Essence added make for a special indulgence. Want to taste something as good or better than Starbucks Latte? Add to one steaming hot cup of coffee 1T butter, 1T coconut oil, 1T heavy whipping cream (all allowed on lo carb diet) & Pumpkin Spice Flavor Essence. Blend everything with a stick blender until frothy. Perfection! Some like to drink this as a meal replacement. It has not been easy to find P.Spice coffee flavoring anywhere. Usually offered during holidays only. Hope this company will keep developing new flavors to their list….like eggnog! Fast, dependable customer service.
  • Thank you 🙂 I hear that more and more people are saying that in coffee they are great, but in batters, frostings and baking they are actually even better.
  • Really nice note with great packaging (not too much, all recyclable!) I plan on trying more flavours and items from this seller. Thanks for the great experience.
  • Makes a very tasty lemon-blueberry soda. Thanks for the quick shipping, as well as including some uses for the concentrate. I just wanted to stop by and let you know; mixed with fresh squeezed lemon and some raw sugar simple syrup, it makes a very tasty lemon-blueberry soda! I’m enjoying some as I type. YUM! P.S. Top generously with ice. Preferable crushed. ahhhhhh lol Thanks again.
  • This is the best all natural pumpkin flavoring we have found. Need to know it’s unsweetened, so if you are attempting to achieve an authentic chemically-laden PSL, you will need to add a bit of sugar. Came with a personal note handwritten and other product descriptions.
  • Outstanding service and product that compliment a variety of dishes and beverages. Very delicious and balanced flavoring. Thank you very much.
  • Every year when Pumpkin Spice Latte and Ugg boot season rolls around, I can help but feel left out when I can’t bring myself to consume a 600 calorie chemical filled treat like my fellow early 20 something friends. I sit there drinkless in my Ugg boots, thinking “There has to be a better way!” Eureka! This flavoring is amazing in coffee! My new morning treat is a couple drops of this stuff with coffee and almond milk. Sooo good and all natural, no calorie. I’m ordering the other favors as we speak! The bottle of flavoring came with a sweet, hand written note from the owner. Gotta love small businesses! I would absolutely love to see this line expand to other favors!
  • See my review of the Blueberry flavor for my high opinion of it. The Pumpkin Spice tastes wonderful in milk or aloe juice. Just a few drops are enough to flavor either, but you can add more to taste. Be sure to taste it first! I love to take a deep whiff of that wonderful aroma before sipping. Oh, my, my! The pumpkin is not overpowered by the spice, but the wonderful spice taste lasts a bit longer than the pumpkin after my glass is finished. Mmmmmm! The smell reminds me of spice cookies and pumpkin pie baking, with a heap of nice memories. I hope Flavor Essence keeps this available year round! I can just imagine how good this would taste in baking goods as well. I bought 4 of their 5 flavors and each is equally good. I will definitely buy again and highly, highly recommend this flavor and the company! Thanks, Flavor Essence!! Can you make an old-fashioned black licorice flavor??
  • Great product…we have tried several different flavors and enjoyed them in coffee, tea, and ice cream. Will try in cooking and baking too. Will def buy more. Was shipped fast and in nice packaging. Excellent service.
  • Product arrived in due time and arrived in excellent condition. Had no problems with the order. Would order from them again in future.
  • Great Product !
  • Great service. Excellent product. Thank you very much
  • Good stuff not too strong not artificial flavored easy to dispense
  • Love this stuff. Will order more.
  • My order came quickly. Also came with a paper explaining the product and how to use it. Very pleased so far.
  • Arrived safely and quickly, also it added a lovely blueberry flavor to my cookies.
  • Seller gave me some papers with all the recipes I can use for this product, very sweet!
  • lots of flavor without calories. 🙂
  • On time, in promised condition!
  • I was looking for something to flavor my aloe juice/cashew milk or apple juice mixture. In an 8-ounce/500 ml glass, I have my aide pour about 2 oz of pure aloe juice… Add in either milk or another juice and a teaspoon of sweetener… This flavoring adds no calories or sweetener. A few drops are AMAZING! The 2 oz bottle will last me a very long time! Thank you, Susie, for the flavorings [I bought 4], and thanks very much to Flavor Essence! The flavorings are as pleasant to smell as the full, rich flavor! I highly recommend and will buy again! Can’t wait to see what new flavors are to be added. Try one…but you will probably buy all five! If I could rate the Blueberry a 10, I would! Tastes equally good in milks or juices!
  • I put this in my iced coffee and was amazed. I have been looking everywhere for a blueberry flavoring I liked, and I surely found one. Can’t wait to order more!
  • I love pumpkin spice flavor so was hoping it would add just the right flavor to my coffee and it does! It gives an underlying taste, another customer said “clean” taste and that is a good way to put it. Just delicious for those who can enjoy flavors in their coffee without sweetness. Much better than flavored coffee beans. And it doesn’t take much of it to be just right so is very economical. I will be buying more!
  • I ordered the pumpkin spice flavor and I love it! Tastes just like the pumpkin coffee from dunkin, minus the guilt from drinking sugar. Definitely ordering other flavors in the near future.
  • This is by far the best pumpkin spice flavor I’ve tried. The handwritten note was a pleasant surprise and greatly appreciated. Will definitely reorder! Thanks so much Flavor Essence!
  • So far I have used this in my iced latte. Love the flavor. It’s not over powering but still gives you that pumpkin flavor. Love the added personal note to my order slip. Thank you! I will order again.
  • This tastes exactly as I had hoped! Thank you for the super fast shipping and the personal note 🙂
    4 Stars: Perfect! Just what I was looking for. No Carmel coloring!
  • we have been enjoying this in our coffee! Thanks
  • tastes good, but pricy
  • This wonderful flavoring smells heavenly before I take the first sip. A few drops in an aloe juice drink, about 2 or 3 oz in an 8 oz glass of milk or another juice, and it’s goodbye to bitter aloe and hello to sweet caramel creme brulee! It is not sweetened, so the sweetener won’t interfere with the taste of the particular sweetener I choose. It tastes like a thousand calories, but it has no sweetener, no calories, no anything except the rich, caramel and custard taste! It is just as good in stevia as it would be in a recipe including sugar. But, once you get this and taste it, you will want to try the other flavors! I tried 4! Will definitely buy again [thanks to my sweet sister, who finances my aloe juice]. Thank you, Flavor Essence, for your excellent Caramel Creme Brulee! I surely didn’t expect this wonderful flavor to be so rich and taste like it came from a dairy product, and zero calories! A masterpiece of aroma and flavor, even in things without a speck of dairy [like my apple juice with pulp]. Yum!
  • I bought this to use in my coffee. I used 6 drops in a 12 ounce cup of coffee and it was perfect. Great flavor and I love that I can add sweetener and creamer however I like. My husband likes splenda and I like sugar so we can both still have our coffee our own way. Can’t wait to try this out in cakes or oatmeal.
  • I have tried various chocolate flavorings for cookies and never found anything that tasted remotely like chocolate. Enter Flavor Essence’s wonderful Chocolate Flavoring! I can’t cook any more, but I get my care aide to mix me an aloe juice drink with cashew milk. Just a few drops is enough! [See my review of the Blueberry flavor for my recipe]. Well, I ran out of milk. I could’ve sent my aide to get some, but it was Sunday and I don’t like to make people work on the Sabbath. But, I had apple juice with pulp. This stuff tastes just as good in apple juice! The aroma will draw you closer and the taste will keep you sipping! Wonderful chocolate!! Flavor Essence, I love the Chocolate and think it would taste wonderful in cookies! Thanks for such a terrific product. And, zero calories! I will definitely buy again!
  • Best Deal — I just searched up natural flavorings in the auction setting and yours had the best deal. Btw I am really enjoying all the flavors. Cheers!
  • Awesome flavor. I use it both in drinks and in my e-cig. Perfect for both. Creamy caramel flavor.
  • Perfect and yummy product
  • This is some seriously marvelous stuff! And I appreciate the quick delivery!
  • This stuff is great! Used 4 tbsp. of it in banana bread, Mmmmm. A+++
  • Fast shipping, excellent seller will buy from again! I use it in my coffee.
  • Wonderful person.Great product. Best price. Don’t hesitate to buy from him.
  • Fastest shipping. Incredible product and price. Highly recommend this seller!
  • Great seller recieved product fast! Thanks!
  • Great flavoring! Thanks!
  • Blueberry is wonderful
  • Awesome product great seller A+++++Flavor Store