Flavor Help/Pointers

Use Flavor Essence flavorings as your own secret ingredients to create & customize your favorites.

Basic Directions / Guidelines for the flavors

It is commonly known that we all have varying sensitivities and pleasures within the huge range of aromas and tastes. In short, no two palates are identical.  Ultimately you will slowly “get to know” Flavor Essence flavorings and experiment with your own beverages and foods to the pleasant point of being able to optimize and balance the flavorings to match your own sense of great taste.

  • BASIC POINTER 1: About sweeteners and sugar-free–> These are not sweetened with anything. Our diabetic friends and diet-conscious friends can finally enjoy flavor that is usually adulterated by well-meaning mass-producers. For purists and foodees this also means we can finally eliminate unwanted sweeteners, and just as importantly each of can add our own favorite sweeteners and totally control any sugary aspect of our favorites.
  • BASIC POINTER 2: These do contain some alcohol, but to put it into perspective, the alcohol is the preservative AND it is very deliberately minimized to nominal levels that do not amount to any more than what is present in natural fresh-squeezed orange juice. Unlike common extracts that have alcohol levels that emulate the percentages found in straight vodka, undiluted Flavor Essence “straight-up” is more akin to a craft beer.
  • BASIC POINTER 3: The presence of any of these things, that are already in your food or drink, will tend to nicely “amplify” Flavor Essence, and you will require a bit less to create a tasty change: 1) when it contains acids –e.g., if you add squeezes of lemon or lime wedges; 2) when it contains proteins –e.g., in either dairy products or in many shakes; and 3) when it contains sugars –e.g., when it contains natural sugars already, like orange juice (or if you add your own sweetener).

BASIC TIP 1: (Get to know your flavor by starting off with a small amount—then add more to match your own taste pleasures). Our bottles recommend you to use 1 to 2 generous squeezes of Flavor Essence and stir into 12 ounce drinks. Note however, that a fairly significant percentage of our “guru” customers also report back that only a few “drops” produce the effect that they truly desire.

BASIC TIP 2: A positive side-effect of our flavorings is that they will smooth off the “bite” or acidity of coffees/teas and alcohol-based drinks (for example, 1) try a couple of drops of Raspberry stirred into straight cold vodka or on ice to taste a mellowing effect on its bite; and 2) try the same in tea to notice a smoothing effect on the tea as well as a slight amplification of the Raspberry (or other fruit/berry flavor) .

BASIC TIP 3: None of these are intended to robustly replace the “pow” of a syrup. Instead, you should use these to work as tasty background flavors that add subtle, complex yumminess.

BASIC TIP 4: These are very clean flavors, without unwanted ingredients, and they do not produce any odd after-tastes –unless you “dump in” way to much while trying to create the “pow” of a syrup.

Tips for adding Flavor Essence to Beverages:

  • POINTER: No matter what you are serving or drinking, as long as you match the flavor-type appropriately, you can quickly add some very tasty gourmet-quality background flavoring to your favorite beverages.

BEVERAGE TIP 1: When flavoring sparkling beverages, if possible you should consider squeezing the flavoring in first –and then letting the effervescence naturally mix in the flavor. (Unless you are creating your own Soda Stream beverage where you may need to add Flavor Essences in last).

BEVERAGE TIP 2: Sparkling drinks tend to “mask” versus amplify the flavorings. And Non-Sparkling beverages ask for less flavoring

BEVERAGE TIP 3: With Flavor Essence berry and fruit flavorings, try squeezing a good sized chunk of lime or lemon in with your flavoring –the acids amplify the flavorings naturally

BEVERAGE TIP 4: When fruit juices are involved, they have naturally occurring sugars, and because of their presence, the flavors are also amplified and you need less to transform your beverage.

BEVERAGE TIP 5: When/if you your own favorite sweetener – sweeteners tend to amplify the flavoring, adjust to your tastes.

BEVERAGE TIP 6: In vodka, rum, tequila –a lesser amount is called for (a few drops to a small squeeze per drink) when you want to create a flavored alcohol that is superior to commercially pre-flavored liquor.

Tips for using Flavor Essence with Foods:

  • POINTER:  Flavor Essence can be added into any recipe –without altering your primary recipe, baking/cooking projects batters, doughs, mixes and custards. [1 bottle will flavor about 12 basic batches]
  • POINTER:  Very simply, you can  also stir the flavors into chilled whips, homemade frostings and even yogurts.
  • POINTER:  For the easiest effect, just stir your favorite Flavor Essence flavor into honeys/syrups/butters for use on pancakes, French Toast, and english muffins.
  • POINTER: 1 to 2 generous squeezes of Flavor Essence will add delicate but complex background flavor when stirred into oatmeal and other cereals, yogurt.

FOOD TIP 1: In baking, the cocoon-effect of doughs and batters will serve to protect and permeate the added flavors.

FOOD TIP 2: But in high heat cooking, like custards and oatmeal always add the Flavor Essence at the end, after the heat is turned down –not at the beginning. At this point once you stir in some Flavor Essence, its aromas and flavors will “bloom out” best. So, use Flavor Essence to “finish” off your simmered or boiled recipes once you turn off the heat.

FOOD TIP 3: In baking where for example vanilla extract is called for, the addition of a Flavor Essence flavoring (such as another teaspoon) is ok and will not negatively effect the texture of a cookie or the rise of dough.